138. Cllr. Raymond Coates

Former Labour Councillor (North Yorkshire) Raymond Coates was charged along with his son, Philip Coats, in 2003 with child rape, using threats to procure a woman for sex and, wait for it…inciting a woman to have sex with an animal. Coats junior was sentenced to 13 years in prison for his part in the father & son rape and bestiality double-act, although the trial of 76 year-old Raymond Coats was abandoned after the court ruled he was too ill to stand trial. Agreeing to the indefinite postponement, Judge Paul Hoffman said: “With enormous reluctance, and I emphasise that enormous reluctance because it is unsatisfactory that these very serious and nasty charges should remain unresolved, I am going to order a stay on this basis. If the evidence were to demonstrate a recovery, the stay can be revoked”. http://tinyurl.com/2x3zqu

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