260. Cllr. Douglas Pallet

Tory Party Councillor (Colchester, Essex) Douglas Pallet convicted of assault occasioning actual bodily harm in 1998 after waging an 18-month campaign of stalking and harassment against his former mistress, Lynda Guglielmi. Following the break-up of their relationship, Pallett began his deranged vendetta by painting graffiti all over Colchester calling Mrs Guglielmi a “whore”. He then sent her a stream of obscene, sexually explicit and racist letters made from cutting out letters from newspapers. Not content with this, the Tory nutcase went on to distribute self-made cards in telephone boxes near to Mrs Guglielmi’s house containing her home contact details, offering the sale of illicit drugs and her services as a prostitute (needless to say, the perfectly respectable Mrs Guglielmi, a postmistress, has no involvement in either vice or narcotics of any kind). The court heard how Pallet’s psychotic hate campaign had turned Mrs Gulielmi from being a ”strong, calm, and composed” person into a “despairing neurotic” needing counselling and anti-depressants. Sentence on Pallet was adjourned for psychiatric reports and he was remanded in custody. http://tinyurl.com/4cph5y

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