Labour Former Mayor Stewart Brown

A FORMER Mayor of Hebden Royd has been arrested on suspicion of child porn offences.
Stewart Brown, 59, was a Labour candidate for the Elland ward in next month's council elections.But he has now been suspended from the Labour Party. Officers from the West Yorkshire Police Child Protection Unit arrested Mr Brown on Tuesday. He was questioned by detectives before he was bailed, pending further investigation.


The Green Arrow said...

You have done a brilliant job. Am putting permanent link on Green Arrow and Liars, Buggers and Thieves blogs.

Well done.

Anonymous said...

Doesnt it strike anyone as odd that so many politicians are done on child pornography offences.

You get the feeling that there is some sort of secret selection process, only nonces and other criminals will be selected as candidates. Then, when necessary, they can be thrown to the dogs. Even if its just to keep the rest on their toes.