(2008) Conservative A.M. Nick Bourne

A KEY ally of the besieged Welsh Conservative leader Nick Bourne tried to secure a “gentleman’s agreement” aimed at silencing criticism of AMs’ expense claims, it emerged last night.

Mr Bourne is under pressure to resign following revelations that he spent £229 of public money on an iPod music player, saying it was to help him learn Welsh, as well as £5,003.46 on “essential work” on his bathroom and £119.99 on a trouser press.

Last night an AM, who preferred not to be named, told the Western Mail: “William Graham [the Tories’ Chief Whip at the National Assembly] was very keen to bury the expenses issue, knowing it was very damaging to the Conservative group. He wanted a gentleman’s agreement under which AMs of all parties would agree not to criticise others over their expense claims.

“I certainly would not have been prepared to go along with such an agreement.”

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What a Scum bag!!!