(2007) Conservative Andrew Pelling -Alleged Assault

The political career of a Tory MP who was arrested after allegedly assaulting his pregnant wife is in tatters as he faces a battle to keep his seat.

Andrew Pelling, 48, the MP for Central Croydon, was arrested on Tuesday after a complaint by his wife, Lucy, 26, who is seven weeks pregnant. She left the home that they shared in South London on Sunday.

After the incident, Mr Pelling was released on bail until October 1. Mrs Pelling, who is believed to have taken out an injunction banning her husband from further contact with her, said yesterday that she would “absolutely not” go back to him.

“This is it now,” she said. “The marriage was unhappy from the outset. I’m just very, very upset at the moment. I can’t go into any details because I don’t want to prejudice a possible court case. I just want to get on with my life now – I’ve got a baby to think about.”

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