(2009) Liberal Democrat Cllr. Prince Sadik Chaudhury

A borough councillor has appeared in court in Northampton, charged with the assault of a former council colleague and community leader.
Prince Sadik Chaudhury, aged 36, a Liberal Democrat councillor for Thorplands, appeared at Northampton Magistrates' Court yesterday, accused of assaulting Yousuf Miah, a former Conservative councillor who is the chairman of the Northampton Bangladeshi Association.


Anonymous said...

I am disgusted at this man Prince Sadik Chaudhary who was lucky not to be convicted of common assault. The Bangladeshi community are so close nit that sometimes this can work for you or against you. In this case worked for Mr Chaudhary albeit through witness intimidation. But what is appalling is that he claims that Mr Miah was jealous of him and there is a smear campaign out to destroy him... erm well no offence what's there to destroy? comparatively Mr Miah has achieved much more than Mr Chaudhary in the community and in politics, he's not had to change his name from Mohammed to Prince! Yet Mr Chaudhary goes on about being a representative of the Muslim community. Well if he is so proud of his roots why get rid of Mohammed and change it to Prince. Mr Miah is the more established one in the community so if anyone is jealous or has a vendetta against anyone then it is Mr Chaudhary! Clearly anyone with any sense can see that! Prince Chaudhary will always be second rate!

james harriott said...

what a fraud. this guy is the thickest person i met for ages. he is got nothing to offer anyone and loves his picture taken all the time. apparently he is bent as hell as well but someone in his community can shed some light on it for us.

Anonymous said...

u mite like to luk at this links. seems like he is not just a liar but thief also.

in northampton general hospital site, choudhury is giving chque for £3,600.


in british bangladeshi whos who profile, he mention £5,000. what happened to £1,400???


Voice of the People said...

Nice work -keep it up, people. I'll update his entry soon.