(2009) New Labour Cllr. Sean Holby

OPPOSITION leaders have called for the chairman of Bolton’s planning committee to consider his position after he admitted to operating an illegal taxi.

Labour councillor Sean Hornby has received a “simple caution” after admitting using his car as a taxi without a licence, acting as a taxi driver without a licence, operating a car as a taxi without an operator licence and using his car as a taxi without the correct insurance.

Yesterday, Bolton Council withdrew the case at Bolton Magistrates’ Court as Cllr Hornby accepted the caution — which means he admitted the offences.

His previous “not guilty” pleas were “vacated” — removed from the court.

The case has been ongoing since last August and has cost Bolton taxpayers thousands of pounds.

The Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats leaders have called on Cllr Hornby, who represents Little Lever and Darcy Lever, to consider his position.

Tory leader Cllr John Walsh said: “Anyone in public life is accountable. I hope Cllr Hornby will consider his position.”

NOTE: now consider the disparity with the outcome of Mr. Holby crime with the crime of the ordinary man on the street. Are councillors, M.P.s and other government figures above the law?

In Northern Ireland an illegal Taxi driver was banned for two years and fined £1500 pounds. And, more recently, South Wales Police, working with the local Council's licensing officers and acting on demands from taxi drivers who work within the law, brought a succesful prosecution against a man who committed an identical offence to the Labour Councillor.
The illegal driver, clearly not a councillor, was fined a total of £715 with a 12 months driving disqualification.

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