(2009) UKIP M.E.P. Tome Wise -FRAUD

A British Euro MP was last night charged with fiddling thousands of pounds of taxpayer-funded expenses. Former UKIP politician Tom Wise is accused of false accounting and money laundering following accusations that he fiddled his generous Brussels staff allowances. He is thought to be the first MEP to face criminal charges over the use of Parliamentary perks. Wise, 60, a former policeman, was arrested in June last year after it was revealed that he had allegedly siphoned off nearly £40,000 of public money by claiming it was for a researcher’s salary. Detectives investigated after it was claimed Wise only passed on some of the cash and banked the rest. He allegedly spent £6,500 on a Peugeot 406.

He was alleged to have pretended that his own bank account was that of his then researcher Lindsay Jenkins which is against EU rules.

He is alleged to have channelled £39,100 into it, from which he paid Jenkins £13,555.

Read on: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1172167/British-MEP-charged-fiddling-staff-allowances.html

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