(2009) New Labour M.P. Denis Skinner -PARASITE

Dennis Skinner, the firebrand Labour MP, claimed more than £1,000 to cover the fees of accountants who helped him prepare his self assessment tax forms.

Mr Skinner, dubbed the beast of Bolsover, first claimed £528.75 to pay the bill of the accountancy firm Brayhaw Morey in July 2004 under the Incidental Expenditure Provision (IEP) designed to cover office expenses.

The invoice submitted along with the claim states: "Professional services in connection with preparation and submission of your 'self assessment' tax return for the year ended 5th April 2004 together with calculating all tax liability, corresponding with HM Inspector of Taxes on your behalf and generally advising you accordingly."

In July 2006 Mr Skinner claimed the same amount for identical services provided by the firm.

He paid the slightly lower sum of £470 in 2005 in return for the same professional service.

The MP on Saturday night said he had checked with the fees office before lodging the claims for the work.

MPs are obliged to pay tax on any reimbursed fees paid to accountants. The Inland Revenue is believe to be investigating whether up to 40 MPs including several Ministers have fulfilled this particular obligation.

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