(2009) New labour M.P. Margaret Moran -PARASITE

The Labour MP who renovated three properties at taxpayers’ expenses owns a fourth home in Spain, where she attempted to block villagers’ access to their own houses.

Margaret Moran bulldozed a pathway across her holiday property in Granada and put up gates, to the annoyance of her neighbours.
However, a judge said the access was a public right of way and ordered her to reopen it.

Miss Moran was accused of breaching parliamentary rules by pinning a notice to her gatepost using official House of Commons paper.

When the story appeared in the British press, Miss Moran contacted leading media solicitors then claimed their £881.25 bill back on her office expenses.
Her files, seen by The Daily Telegraph as part of its investigation into the MPs’ expenses scandal, also show that she used her office fund to pay for £1,104.34 of furniture for her house.

Miss Moran, the MP for Luton South, has become the focus of public anger at the use of politicians’ allowances after this newspaper disclosed how she used public money to pay for three properties by “flipping” her nominated second home.

First, she spent £7,961 on a kitchen, carpet and bed for her flat near Westminster, then changed her address to her constituency home in Luton and spent £8,585 on her garden, bathroom, bedding and decorating. Finally she switched again to name her second home as her and her husband’s house in Southampton, where she claimed £22,500 on dry rot.

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