(2009) New Labour UNELECTED P.M. Gordon Brown -PARASITE

Gordon Brown paid Andrew Brown more than £6,000 for "cleaning services" over the course of two years, and reclaimed the money from the taxpayer. He insisted tonight he had done nothing wrong.
The Prime Minister also claimed twice for the same £153 plumber's bill - money which he paid back today after the Telegraph pointed out the discrepancy to Downing Street.
Jack Straw, Hazel Blears and Paul Murphy are among 13 members of the Government who have been dragged into the growing row over taxpayer-funded allowances by the Telegraph investigation.

The disclosures show the full extent to which MPs have exploited the expenses system to subsidise their lifestyles.

Details of MPs' expenses claims are due to be made public in July, when 1.5 million receipts will be published by parliament under the Freedom of Information Act, covering five years' worth of claims.

But crucial details such as the identity of people to whom money was paid and the location of homes which MPs claimed on will be deleted from the receipts when they are published, meaning many of the worst apparent abuses of the system may never have been uncovered.

The evidence of Gordon Brown's receipt for sucking the blood of hard-up taxpayers: http://tinyurl.com/qyuff9



Well, recent evidence has come to light that Gordon Brown's brother, Mr. Andrew Brown, is a senior executive of EDF Energy - the French state-owned company which “somehow” won the contract to buy British Energy in September 2008. Very interesting, wouldn't you say?

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sedational said...

It would seem Mr.Brown,that your new nail-biting habib, sorry,habit,is reaping less and less reward's,sound famiLIAR ?