A Short Statement by Admin Regarding the Latest Expenses Swindle

The most galling aspect of the latest revelations regarding M.P.s' expenses must surely be the thoughtless and flippant manner in which they have conducted themselves.

A case in point here is Douglass Hogg, the rich parasite who has attached himself to, and is feeding off, the back of the virtuous worker.

Not content with the luxury provided by his status as the head of a family mansion, Mr. Hogg –like a hog at a trough of “free money” stolen from the worker and his family by the taxman– has sought to bleed even more from the hard-up family man by charging the innocent worker the cost of maintaining his Lincolnshire mansion and clearing its moat.

During this sickening revelation of M.P.’s expenses (a situation those “in-the-know” have for some time known of) we the People have seen some truly egregious episodes of M.P.s stealing OUR MONEY. All of them, not sincerely apologetic, are sorry only for being found out.

Take, for instance, Mr. Hogg: his response to his almost feudal exploitation of serfdom was, in his cavalier attitude, “It is true the system is clearly flawed.”[1] This sentiment was also echoed by Harry Cohen who, upon himself being found out, did not apologise or try to make recompense, instead declaring: “When MP’s were given this allowance they were told, 'Go and spend it boys' and this is what I have done. It is my right.”[2]

So, people, what are we to do about these outrages? What are we to do in order to defend ourselves, our hard-earned taxes, and our honour? Well, good sense would dictate that the first, most sensible reaction is, of course, not to lick the boots that kick you. Do not vote for these parties or any of their charlatans who come knocking at your door in various friendly guises. Second thing to do would be to vote for an outsider party, one not aligned to the political mainstream gravy train, and thus deliver the blow to our enemies at the ballot box.

However, while adhering to the “democratic” system might appear to be the most sensible logical reaction, we must consider other options (one is never to put all his eggs in one basket). So, good people, is there a need for a Plan B? At the moment it might seem not. But we implore you to consider what really is (apart from corrupt) the “democratic” system under which we live.

Democracy is, in its truest from, rule by majority. You might consider yourselves well-served by, and best suited to, this system. Sure, in theory it does sound rather good, doesn’t it? Well, before we start to celebrate this system we would do well to consider what today’s “democracy” is really all about.

“Democracy” is, to give it its full title, Capitalist liberal democracy. This label is fact, not opinion. The notion of rule by majority has been replaced by the caveat of “liberal” –meaning that if the majority want it their own way then the idea and supposed virtue of liberalism can be used to defeat the majority’s wishes. Take, for instance, the very real and well-acknowledged fact that the British people do not desire to live under alien, foreign rule. A fair request, you may say. But consider then why this wish by the majority does not happen. It does not happen because those in control –the corrupt self-fulfilling enemies of the people– do not want us to live in happiness; they want instead for us to live in agony, solitude, desperation, fear, and under orders over which we have no influence.      

Disbelieve us? Then please take a look Britain today and ask yourself: “is foolishness and inefficiency to blame for the appalling state of my country, or is it adept vicious rigor, subversive practice, and organised social control by our supposed “leaders” to blame?

To conclude, we might do well to look at the Capitalistic aspect of the tyranny we live under. Isn’t it extremely interesting how we as Britons are, as a nation, apparently broke and in recession --yet we can manage to bail out banks to the tune of BILLIONS of pounds? Could this bail out be due to the contract signed by mainstream political parties and politicians with the banks in order for the banks to fund them? Is our “government” so deeply involved in these corrupt contacts that they cannot free themselves from them? Why is it apparently more than acceptable for a war widow pensioner to starve and freeze to death –but a 30-something banker, having made the most unforgivable crime of greed in gambling taxpayers' money, is rewarded for his “efforts”.

Until we are a minority we would do well to exercise our vote in order to try and banish our enemies from power. Once we are a minority then Plan B must, and will, come into action. 

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