(2009) Conservative M.P. Peter Luff THIEF

Peter Luff, a Conservative MP, bought three lavatory seats, three food mixers, two microwaves and 10 sets of bed linen while kitting out his country house and London flat at taxpayers’ expense.

During a four-year period, Peter Luff, the MP for Mid-Worcestershire, spent £17,000 on various items including four beds and mattresses, five tables, two ironing boards, two vacuum cleaners, five sets of towels and three kettles.

In the months before he switched the designation of his second home from Worcester to the capital, he paid for more than £5,000 of decorating and repairs, including the £53.71 cost of having his Aga cooker fixed.

Six months later, he switched his designation to a small flat in south London, where he spent more than £3,000 decorating the bathroom, kitchen, sitting room and hall.

Records seen by The Daily Telegraph show that Mr Luff submitted receipts for furniture and furnishings or decorating bills virtually every month over a four-year period.

Under the rules governing second home expenses, MPs are not allowed to make purchases which would be deemed “extravagant or luxurious”. On virtually each occasion, the House of Commons fees office signed off Mr Luff’s expenses without question, although he did have an £809.91 claim for a television reduced to £750.

In March 2005, he attended a meeting with fees office staff, who told him that his claim for a £1,583 dining room table and chairs was considered excessive. He was paid £750.

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