(2009) New Labour M.P. David Chaytor -THIEF

Labour MP David Chaytor faces a fresh criminal probe after giving £5,000 of expenses to his daughter under an alias.

The Metropolitan Police is already considering whether to investigate the disgraced backbencher after he was caught pocketing £13,000 for a 'phantom mortgage'

But it was revealed yesterday WED that he paid taxpayers' money to 'Sarah Rastrick' for research work, who he later admitted was actually Sarah Chaytor.

The MP for Bury North, who was forced to announce he was quitting at the next election, claimed the cash under his generous office allowances.

A copy of Miss Chaytor's birth certificate shows Rastrick as one of her middle names. The address and mobile phone number of 'Sarah Rastrick' also match Miss Chaytor.

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