(2009) New Labour M.P. Ian McCartney -PARASITE

Ian McCartney, the former Labour Party chairman, spent £16,000 furnishing and decorating his designated second home but paid the money back two years later.

Mr McCartney’s claim, which was submitted in 2006, included £4,045 on furniture for a bedroom and lounge, £3,300 spent at B&Q, £1,328 on two settees, £817 on towels and kitchen ware, £699 on a mattress, £699 on a dining table and chairs, £662 on bedding and soft furnishings, £399 on a television, £249 on a vacuum cleaner and another £241 on soft furnishings. It also included £1,815.37 on decorating.

The House of Commons fees office informed Mr McCartney that the total claim of £16.274.10 exceeded the John Lewis list limit and it was reduced to £14,914.10. That included reducing a claim of £1,100 for a wardrobe to £600.

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