(2008) Liberal Democrat Cllr. Mike Story

FORMER city council leader Cllr Mike Storey has been found guilty of a breach of the members’ code of conduct by the Standards Board for England.

He was found to have breached the code by divulging confidential information about the ill health of former Culture Company boss Jason Harborow.

It followed a meeting on November 18, 2007, between Cllr Storey, current leader Cllr Warren Bradley and former events manager Lee Forde in which it was alleged there had been a conspiracy to oust Mr Harborow from his job.



Anonymous said...

Ive just checked this guy out - ex leader of the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool, dropped his leadership quick as the investigation was getting on top and is still Deputy Mayor and Headteacher!!!!

If it had been an BNP Councillor he would have had the book thrown at him!!

Anonymous said...

And the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth, so help me God, Your Honour.lmao!!!

Anonymous said...

Jason Harborow calls on Cllr Mike Storey to resign
Dec 18 2008 by Marc Waddington, Liverpool Echo

Jason Harborow (158)

FORMER Culture Company boss Jason Harborow today called on Cllr Mike Storey to step down.

The Standards Board for England found the ex-council leader guilty of breaching the Members Code of Conduct by disclosing information about Mr Harborow’s ill health, but is taking no action against him.

However Mr Harborow said in order to avoid risking Liverpool’s political reputation any further, he should step down both as deputy lord mayor of the city and a councillor.

He also said he would challenge the board’s handling of the investigation.

Although Mr Harborow welcomed its guilty verdict, he said he was unhappy that the Board accepted that he had received an apology without checking.

Mr Harborow claims all he actually received by way of apology was a copy of a letter Cllr Storey had written to the chief executive Colin Hilton explaining the matter.

He said: “I used to sit next to Mike at the executive board every Friday morning. He knew how upset I was about it at the time, and he never mentioned it to me from that day on.

“I’m going to take this up with the Standards Board. I want this to be put behind us, I’m pleased they found him guilty and I’m not bothered about whether they take any action but it’s wrong to say he apologised when he did not.

“They never asked me whether he apologised or not.”

Mr Harborow, who earned £150,000 a year as culture boss, left the council after details of his health were made public.

He said: “I accept that certain things are open to scrutiny, but because of the nature of my illness we decided we would not share it with our six-year-old or my parents.

“The Capital of Culture has been a great success, but we need to move away from squabbles that damage the city.

“Just because they’ve said no action should be taken it does not mean he should carry on in public life.

“A copied letter is not an apology”.

Cllr Storey has said that he will not resign from his role as a councillor or deputy lord mayor, and maintains he did not leak information.

Whistleblower said...

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