(2008) Liberal Democrat Simon McDougall -DRINK DRIVER

A leading councillor has urged others to avoid repeating his mistake and becoming a convicted drink driver.
Cllr Simon McDougall, who is a member of Bersted, Bognor, Arun and West Sussex councils, said he deeply embarrassed by the actions which caused him to break the law. 


Anonymous said...

All this proves politicians have the same faults as the people who elect them - by all means expose their hypocracy but don't suppose they are necessarily any more hypocritical then other people.

Whistleblower said...

"All this proves politicians have the same faults as the people who elect them..."

Is this some flawed attempt to mitigate their criminality? Is your point here to defend these "people" and their crimes?

The biggest difference here is, friend, that politicians are in higher positions -positions of TRUST, LOYALTY AND REPRESENTATION OF THE PEOPLE. With this higher position comes RESPONSIBILITY. That's what they are paid for. On breaking our trust and relinquishing this responsibility, they thereby welcome the exposure and criticism that becomes them from this blog.

I'm certain that you at least understand this simple equation.

The Green Arrow said...


Anon has a style I am familiar with. Do not waste your time on responding for if it is who I think it is, they are incapable of understanding anything.

Whistleblower said...

Advice noted.