The Leech Table as it Stands on 15/12/08

Well, it seems Zanu Labour is in a commanding position at the top of the table. Can the flagging but promising Con-men claw back some ground in terms of crimes against the electorate? Not forgetting the dark-horse outsider: might the Lib-Demons show a bit of resolve and climb further up the table with one or two more sexual crimes under their belt? Well, all is to play for in this game that is anything but enjoyable -not for the people, at least. Watch out for more barnstorming misconduct from our Enemies as they play the corrupt game of "democracy" in constituencies up and down the country -never seeking to beat each other, seeking only instead to beat down further the morons that vote for them. 

Decadent Elite -1                       Innocent Citizens -0 


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Good job , keep on exposing these scum, I have added you to my Blog.

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Child porn images were political research, ex-councillor tells Liverpool court
Jan 5 2009 By Chloe Griffiths

A FORMER Labour councillor allegedly caught with child porn claimed he was doing "political research" fuelled by a speech from the Tory leader.

Benjamin Williams told police David Cameron’s comments about children accessing explicit material on the high street had "provoked his interest".

The former Liverpool city councillor, who was on the children’s services committee, is alleged to have typed words such as "Lolita" and "baby porn" into internet search engines.

The history and politics teacher is also accused of accessing explicit websites including one named from school computers.

He is facing trial accused of 10 charges of making indecent images between November 5, 2006, and January 26, 2008.

Williams, 35, of Townsend Avenue, Norris Green, denies all the charges.

He told officers he had been conducting his own research because of his fears for his students.

But prosecutor Peter Davies told a jury at Liverpool crown court that the father had "only one motive" for looking at the indecent images.
(Liverpool Echo 5/1/09.