A Message to the PEOPLE

All the criminals and rogues on this blog approximate a matter that can be described only as SCUM. The similarities with this extraneous matter are endless: like the residue on a toilet bowl they will not remove themselves (because they are stocial in their warmth, their environment) and their succuour, like a parasite's, comes from the Host --that is YOU and your hard-earned and stolen taxes. They are laughing sinisterly at us all. They have chosen their side in this WAR that the State has declared on us and our families, on our security and our trust. We did not ask for this war --but we will, with blogs like this, defend ourselves against it. 

We MUST unite and DEFEND ourselves accordingly. This corrupt system relies heavily upon the fragmentation and division of the People. The best way to combat these crimes against us is to unite --by uniting we mean talking to your friends, contacts, colleagues, and acquaintances about this blog, the criminals in government, and our collective unfortunate demise --IF WE DO NOT COME TOGETHER AND FIGHT. By that we mean REFUSING this corrupt system of "democracy" and instead implementing REAL democracy by voting for parties that are outside of the INCESTUOUS cartel of the Lib-Lab-Con-men --all of whom EVIDENTLY seek to do YOU AND YOUR FAMILY HARM.  

We, the People, are aligned together in this FIGHT. Either we fight back like a GLORIOUS people oppressed, or we give up and suffer LIKE PATHETIC COWARDS. THAT IS YOUR CALL. Are you going to get pissed and forget all about the trouble? Are you going to hide away and envelope yourself and ignore the CRIMES against us? Or are YOU going to FIGHT BACK and do all in your power to secure our future and, more importantly, THE FUTURE OF YOU AND YOUR FAMILY?  

This blog is quite evidently not here for the purpose of self-fulfilment, or some form of self-gratification. What have we (the authors of this blog) to gain (or lose) from this venture? The only thing we have to gain is the welfare and future of our people -WITHOUT THE SELF-SERVING POLITICO SCUM INTERFERING IN THEIR LIVES. The purpose of this blog is thus one of altruism.

FIGHT BACK OR SUFFER YOUR FATE. We have done all in our power to help you.


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Would you permit me to use some excerpts of your blog, to do an article on mine, please?

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keep up the good work

a very marvellous and truthful blog

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Great site you have here. Just thought I'd pass this along in case you hadn't heard.


Alan Winkworth Mayor of Epsom & Ewell has announced he's standing down as mayor for a month after formal complaints were made of his being drunk in office.

The article goes on to say he had to be carried out of a council meeting after passing out.

Wolfblood said...

The anti-BNP lies, smears and attacks from the liblabcontrick, media and "antifascists" are coming thick and fast now. The truth is out like a Rampant Lion, cornering the Dark Beast, which is lashing out in all directions, even turning on its own.
Please read and distribute the following links and encourage others to do so on a daily basis. These will inform and help counter the hysterical lies of the rotten-to-the-core eu/liblabcontrick.


Main -

"Roundup" in RH column.

Contrast the Truth with the crud spewed out by the enemies of Britain.
Speak the Truth wherever you go. Don't let them get away with it.