"Enemies of the People" --Now Available in Hard-copy: a Handy-size Booklet

This work is an A5 60-page booklet that charts the criminals and rogues in British politics. In the booklet you will find irrefutable evidence of criminal and roguish M.P.s, councillors and other political party affiliates that is supported by website addresses linking to a national newspaper or media source that carried the story. There are a staggering 341 separate entries charting the criminals and rogues in New Labour, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, UKIP -and yes, even the Scottish National Party.

This booklet is an absolute must for all those citizens who demand the truth before deciding on whom, or for what party, to vote.

For more information, an introduction to the booklet, and details on how to order your copy, please click on the link below:



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Geus said...

After this proof?

I just can't follow you people. Over here in the Netherlands, in the elections in 2002, political candidate Pim Fortuyn was killed a week before elections. Still, 60% of the people went to vote. Many would even go so far, as to vote for the party set up by Pim Fortuyn, although the political cvandidate was killed. That party was quickly taken over by hostile infiltration. A man that published these men that took over that party, was also killed; Theo van Gogh.

Maybe it is because I have been in politics myself, untill I saw how the elections are rigged, by infiltration and control over every political party that people can vote for.

Wich Criminal shall we vote in?
Well, we have to decide, because we will have to wait 4 years...

Okay, I didn't grasp it at a younger age also, because schools and parents do not warn against the fact that every political party is infiltrated and controlled. Their political philosophy is a sofist conclusion from a foreign sometimes Fabian victory. Like here we have political parties remembering the Patriot Faction Revolt from 1778, the Russian Revolution 1917, the Chinees Communist take-over 1949, and the Papists, that call themselves Christians. Yes Papists, the Christian Democrats, Opus Dei philosophy, has huge parties in the Netherlands and Germany.

Party of the Animals, that have some seats since 2006, have lost their support from the Propaganda, because their leader became 7th Day Adventist after the Elections. Roman Catholics do not like that, but supported that party, because the leader, Marianne Thieme, would attack the small Calvinist Party, that is in fact a rather Papist Party, because they are Sunday worshippers.

Truth is easy.