The Readership of the Enemies of the People Website Consistently Increases

Above: a rise of 110% takes this blog to a position if 3,911,595 in the world rankings. Screenshot taken Saturday 27th June, 2009.

Above: Enemies of the People progresses further with a 170% increase in readership, leading to a very comfortable world traffic rank of 4,568,528. ( Screen-shot taken on Saturday 23rd may, 2009.)

Below: Our traffic rank for February 2009 showing a spectacular 150% increase in readership.

Firstly, we'd like to extend profound thanks to members of the public for all the recent assistance we have been in receipt of. This website is for your benefit -so please continue to help yourselves, your children and your future. Well done.

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The more people that join, the more forceful the message against those in power who are clearly doing us harm. FIGHT BACK, NOW!


The Green Arrow said...

Congratulations on being linked to on the top of UKTabloid.

Well deserved recognition of your efforts.

Keep up the good work kinsman.

Flashman said...

I bet many old folk, never thought this movie would come back to haunt them. Thank you for fighting back.

Anonymous said...


CP BBC Merseyside Radio biased interview with Brian Gerrish (see full archive article) (02/04/2009)
BBC and Media
So rattled is Common Purpose by the steady leak of information revealing its political agenda and huge fees taken from the taxpayer, that they have now apparently enlisted the BBC to manage their tawdry image. Brian Gerrish was recently invited to speak concerning CP on BBC Radio Mersyside on Friday 27 March 2009 after the Presenter Roger Phillips linked his name with the BNP. Mr Phillips claimed that he was only able to find material by Brian Gerrish on the BNP's website. This is despite the fact that a single entry of the name Brian Gerrish in Google produces hundreds of linked articles and talks. Brian complained at the BBC bias and was quickly invited onto the Friday lunchtime show apparently to star the local Liverpool Common Purpose Director Ken Pye.

On the day, and not surprisingly, Mr Pye was 'unable' to appear. This left Roger Phillips to attempt to discredit Brian Gerrish. Normal tactics were used including suggestions of 'conspiracy theory', BNP and claims that Common Purpose was 'suffering' under Freedom of Information requests from the public. But why was Mr Phillips so keen to defend and support Common Purpose?

Aside from the fact that hundreds of BBC senior staff have been Common Purpose trained at £3950 plus VAT each (see BBC and media Archive of this site), Mr Phillips is a regular participant in Liverpool Common Purpose net-working events, alongside none other than Mr Ken Pye. Using license payers money on air Mr Phillips was happy to make claims trying to highlight the honesty and probity of Common Purpose although he had no documents or evidence to support his claims. Phillips apparently made further supportive claims for Common purpose after Brian Gerrish had left the show. Is this what the BBC is for...Common Purpose advertising? Mr Phillips had also failed to look at any of the documentary evidence on this site. So the interview was again biased. Welcome to Common Purpose control of the media. The interview will be posted on this site shortly. See the BBC Media Archive section on for a copy of a Phillips / Pye Common Purpose event.